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Dear Congressman Quigley,

As an overseer of the FCC it is imperative that you carry forth an insistence that the FCC back its regulations with research or lose funding. Recent FCC regulations thrusting minicell antennas into every neighborhood in the country countermanding any local planning or health concerns is an overreach in the name of an unresearched technology. Of course the FCC will insist that their tech has been “researched” but not for its effects on humans, plants, and animals. They will insist that they have a “standard” of how strong it can be but that is based on zero research on health effects as admitted to Senator Blumenthal’s committee by telecom executives. Many leading scientists, some state legislatures, and indeed several countries are aware of this research gap on 5G and the objections are growing louder. Please insist on withholding any more FCC funding until the FCC can arrange and produce independent, funded, research on the health effects of 5G equipment radiation output under real conditions as now configured and laid out by by the leading telecoms. Otherwise we all are subjects of a massive experiment with no known outcome, “flying blind” as Blumenthal memorably commented. A plethora of current, peer-reviewed studies have already established that the radiations of the type to be used by the telecoms are indeed very harmful to human and animal health. Now it it time for the telecoms to do similar research on their own equipment and radiation and VERIFY that it is safe, not just meeting the ancient 1996 FCC standards formulated before the first cell phone was even online.

Please come up to speed on this issue!


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