These days RF (radio-frequency radiation) pollution flows at us most hours a day. I want to give you more clarity on the phenomenon of EMS, Electromagnetic Sensitivity, aka EHS ( Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity). The daily macro-dosing has got to have effects, says a phalynx of international (non-industry-compromised) researchers. RF (radio-frequency radiation) is listed among pollutants along with lead, diesal smoke, and glyfosate, to name a few. More than .5% of the population experiences it as a handicap or disability while others, up to 1.5% (some in our memberdship) experience discomforts or disruptions around stronger RF sources.

In an account from one of our members:

My reaction is significant enough, and identifiable enough (turn off the identified wireless activity and there is an immediate relief, like turning off a lightbulb). If I can keep my exposure level down I am fine; If my exposure becomes significantly intense and/or prolonged, my sensitivity escalates, and I become highly reactive. When my workplace installed a wireless network, day after day I returned determined to habituate. But in the end I could not. Leaving for the day no longer made the symptoms stop.”

  • On a scale of 1 to 5, I might rate this statement a 3.5.

  • I rate as a 5+ a recent chat with woman in another state: lives in a heavily shielded house, can’t go into her yard or will fall sick due to radiation from a nearby cell tower, and literally contemplates having only a short life.

  • I know a few of our members who have perhaps a 1.5 on this scale: Feel uncomfortable facial or arm sensations if near a router, feel discomfort/unsettled during hearing aid wearing, find that their office (with strong computer/router radiation) is always a tiring place to be in.

Symptoms, vary widely. They include fatigue, cognitive confusion, insomnia, headaches, nosebleeds, tinnitus, unexplained rashes, heartbeat irregularities, nervousness, and more. Yes, of course, other causes for these are widespread. A best indicator: if these symptoms increase with time near a radiation source or, better, diminish moderately soon when you’re re-located to a low-RF environment, it is EMS!

“No immediate felt effects” from RF sources are not an indication of no biological harm! In fact, an abundance of high quality, independent, peer-reviewed, international research verifies that unfolding RF effects with significant time and intensity, have many delayed effects. (No surprise: this is true with other pollutants, like mercury, lead, pesticides, smog, x-rays, radon, etc.) RF has been absolutely shown to cause DNA breaks, cell mitochondria damage and oxydative stress, chromosomal aberrations, increased brain and thyroid cancer risk, sperm damage, etc. We are seeing such things as “premature aging syndrome,” autoimmune epidemics, degrading health indices, and growing excess deaths, all developing over time and multi-causal, but undoubtedly contributed to by an electrosmog bath we all live in.

Additionally, MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome) is increasingly recognized as a scientific way of saying that someone is “sensitive” to the environment – whether it’s chemicals, mold, or EMFs.  The condition was considered “rare” just a few years ago, but now one of the leading researchers in MCAS says that 14-17% of the population  may already have it, a number that is likely severely underestimated. This means that EMFs are an environmental toxin which literally can act like an allergen. Prof. Johansson of Sweden had hypothesized this decades ago, and he was, once again, spot on