Does this widespread EMF danger mean I have to revert back to a 1950's lifestyle to be safe? I like my wireless things!

Actually there are some pretty quick, inexpensive and relatively uncomplicated changes in your home/car/business situations that can reduce your current EMF exposure by at least 75%. The last 25% can be done in moderately easy bits over time. Click the "My Safety" tab at the top to get started.

How do I get started understanding all this emf stuff?

See the Links-Video info tab and play or read one or two a day for a week.

Can I talk to one of you about my personal wireless situation?

Contact us via the Contact link and we can evaluate your needs and possibly hook you up with some help. At the least we can send you links to information and videos that can get you started.

The government and industry says wireless things are "FCC Approved" and safe. Why does what you say contradict this?

The FCC is well documented (by a Harrvard study) to be a "captured agency" of the US Government. That is, the wireless industry it is supposed to check for safety and regulate to insure safety is actually run by Commissioners that are strongly industry-affiliated and industry-supporting. As a result, the FCC pronounces as "safe" anything that passes itsĀ  antiquated 1996 threshold of not cooking the skin. Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies after 1996 have established without doubt that cellular harm (DNA breaks, mitochondrial damage, excessively opened calcium channels, cancer-cell formation, etc.) is caused by wireless levels 1/1000 times less strong than heating levels.