In late 2022 clear completed the task of helping the City of Langley, WA get a state-of-the-art telecom ordinance regaining more local control of Big Wireless overreach.

CLEAR’s actions that caused the task to be completed in about 4 months:

  • Informed and lobbied city council members and the Mayor,
  • Connected the planner to national expert wireless code attorney Anthony Campanelli of New York, and
  • Created a, ultimately bringing in 80 donations.

Now more protected are village character, property values, and precious viewscapes, while engendering better citizen health and well-being! This action was nationally recognized by wireless safety organizations. See this Environmental Health Trust article for the full story!

Since then, in 2023-4, Langley’s victory has been applauded and studied as a model by cities in WA, OR, and some Eastern states. It is listed as a good code example by the MRSC law resource center for WA counties.