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Cell Phones near the head can cause deadly brain tumors, near the waist can affect the reproductive organs, and near the chest can cause breast cancer, and they are even more harmful in the hands of children say findings from many recent studies. The wireless industry and the FCC, with an outdated 1996 flesh-heating standard, has maintained that modern cell phones are safe. Who's right?

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Cell Towers and 5G Overview

You might want to click this to-the-point summary: Video (11 min) on whole 5G problem

Some factual background: Cell towers have multiplied in the last ten+ years and have crept ever closer to where people live.  This was already a problem with 4G macro-towers but 5G, usually being higher frequency, shorter wavelength, and not penetrating foliage, rainy air, etc., requires antennas much closer to homes.   If you are unlucky enough to have one even within 3 blocks of your home, this can be 2 to 100 times worse than using a cell phone (held away from your head!) 2 hours daily.

Why? 1) Cell antennas' high-powered, laden-with-data, harsh signals intersect your full indoor/outdoor environment and body. 2) They transmit their radiation 24/7 during your awake and sleeping times, especially through your windows! (Bad in your yard too.)

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Don't Shoot Radiation through Your Brain! ⚡😵⚡

  1. Do you Use Hearing Aids? See the discussion of them and potential dangers  toward the bottom of the third column at the right -->
  2. Crave Apple Air Pods? You may covet the cool and trendy wireless objects you see hanging from ears everywhere. BUT wearing them long hours (or even at all) is a far from prudent choice. They plug into your ear canals just a fraction of an inch from your sensitive brain lobes. Brain cancer (particularly glioblastoma) is a well-known fingerprint of sustained brain EMF exposure. How strong do they radiate? Shockingly strong--Apple has a rep for overpowering all their products. To appreciate the strength: a world expert EMF panel in 2012 arrived at the joint conclusion that over 10 microwatts per square meter (10 uW/m2) becomes a risky long-term radiation over time. Strengths beyond that can degrade body cells with sustained exposure. Click this 2-min short video piece to see a high quality meter (CLEAR uses this regularly) revealing these pods dangerously radiating at 25,000 uW/m2!!! It's like having a cell phone at your ear or a router on your desk hour after hour! They then become brain fryers! Any alternatives? See #3.
  3. Using basic low-cost wired ear pods on your phone cuts the EMF radiation (climbing the wires to near the brain) to about 1/3 of that of Air Pods. Still not great. The best--partly wire, part air, click this: Aircom A1 as is a very good type for $25. They put zero radiation near your brain due to a one-foot long air tube from their mini-speakers to the ear buds; their sound is high quality!

The Not-Smart Part of  PSE Meters That Are Rolling Out Now...

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"Smart meters" are not the smart idea PSE wants you to think. They are supposedly for reporting your electric usage to PSE but it's not that simple.  Now rolling out from PSE in latter 2022 they will affect  virtually every area of the island. These are wireless transceivers. They talk to each other in a neighborhood often thousands of times a day (though PSE will inform you it is only a few times) to weave in the air outdoors and often indoors, an unseen powerful microwave "mesh" communication network. This network periodically downloads its content to a nearby tower that sends everything to PSE headquarters wirelessly from one house's meter (yours?).

Here are some downsides even beyond this outdoor electrosmog circulating among your and your neighbors' yards and sidewalks. During measurement, 24-7, the meters superimpose considerable multi-frequency static (often called "dirty electricity") on to the normally smooth alternating 60-cycle-per-second wave of your power. You can experience bump in your billing as this constant hitch-hiking "junk wave" is included in the measurement of your use. But worse, this higher frequency static transmits from your house walls' power lines into all rooms and inhabitants. A first effect is that all your household electronics gets "tired" faster trying to use jagged static for part of their power. A well-documented result is that you need to replace failing computers, printers, routers, etc. more often. $$ Ca-ching. Worse is that your body, that operates on subtle internal electric signalling throughout, (read The Body Electric), can, as testified by many "microwave sensitive" persons, experience real time health symptoms like headache, sleep problems, tingling, fogginess, tinnitus, fatigue, etc. These "electromagnetically sensitive" (EMS) persons make up about about 5% of our population currently. (Note how much we look out for those with peanut allergies--1.7% of our population, but ignore the 5% EMS problems.) More

Hearing Aids--Often Unsafe!

This will be hard for many of you to "hear." Almost all hearing aids sold today are strong EMF emitters (via Bluetooth radiation) that, while not as strong as cell phones, sends unhealthy moderate-strength microwave emissions many hours a day right into your brain (and often through it). Delicate tissues of the inner ear and brain can be affected in real time and/or in a few years of use! Remember: Strength and duration: two variables of radiation that can disturb and wear down endurance thresholds of tissues and even generate cancer over time through proven chromosome breaks and mitochondrial damage. At least 5% of the population are emf-sensitive (EMS) and feel symptoms of exposure in real time. Such a hearing-aid user can just feel "off," or have tinnitus, tingling, fatigue or dizziness, and never suspect why. But be clear that for all users there ARE effects that may not manifest tangible symptoms for 10-15 years. Solution? Use a simple-but-quality types and ask for "non-blue-tooth" models or settings! Examples: HERE and HERE and HERE. (These are not endorsements but "leads" for you to call and find what works (safely) for you.

Addiction Issues Compound Radiation Exposure

"Internet Addiction Disorder" is now a bonafide harmful syndrome. Not immediately at the point of severe life impairment, but can progress that direction. Be aware of the slippery slope of intense usage. Are you reading these words on a phone? Do it a lot? You're in good company. Media research in 2017 found over half of users worldwide spent 5 or more hours daily on a smart phone! To get a feel for this number: over a lifetime from age 12 to age 75 at that rate 13 years (!!), of ones life were spent hunched over a phone. (Counting computers and games here would add on even more!) Doctors are finding extra growths on adolescent neck vertibrae "evolving" for neck support! All of this triggers health issues from intense cell phone EMF exposure. (Learn about it in info on this site. Learn in Mark's presentation--link in first column above--about these health effects and dangers).

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Active 2018...2022...

CLEAR's Goals and Objectives:

  1. Raise public awareness of risks to health from from current and growing levels of EMF exposure in the public and home environment.
  2. Educate individuals, families, health care providers, schools, and the general public about added costs, privacy risks, and health challenges from ever higher-intensity EMF sources.
  3. Encourage local government and businesses to implement a low-EMF public environment. This includes actively helping local governments to update their wireless codes to maintain control on transparent, accountable  practices of installers and operators, safety of locations, moderation of radiating intensities, and types of facilities permitted.
  4. Through dialog with officials and by spreading clear  information, peruade PSE to offer opt-out alternatives that include analog maters to avoid emf-injuries from 24-7 radiation of their intended 2022-2023 blanket smart meter rollout on all of Whidbey.
  5. Raise awareness of the dangerous, untested 5G and “Internet of Things” deployment careening nationally and planting roots on our island. Encourage informed questioning of this dangerous escalation of often unnecessary radiation sources.



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