[On the home page in the first two text paragraphs you can find 1) Links to Mark Wahl’s full presentation on what electrosmog is, how it is caused, what its dangers are and how to protect yourself from overexposure. And 2) A pick of any of our recommended top 12 out of 42 powerful video interviews of top EMF experts, from the “5G Crisis Summit” of September 2019–short descriptions are on each with speaker’s name.]

(More links and videos below.) The problem of unhealthy electromagnetic energy (emf) in our air, our bodies, and our technology is very widespread. Information on it is disguised, suppressed, and  muddied by vast economic interests. Legitimate questioners and researchers, highly credentialed and working worldwide, are often de-funded, vilified, marginialized or ridiculed .

You can dip into the vast amount of confirmatory information by reading or watching this linked introductory information as a start. Next-level, more technical or detailed information is also available on this site and your questions are welcome (use the contact form and info under “Contact” on the main menu.) Click these links to start:

More informative links
  • PSE wants so-called “Smart Meters” all over Whidbey. Get up to speed on them so you can resist: Read here.
  • Proof that electrical bursts that come from smart meters (and also from cell phones) affect the heart–from Warren Woodward in AZ: video
  • Children are at special risk. Read more here and here (this latter one has many links).
  • Screen time alters the brains of children — a study documented by 60 Minutes: video
  • Schools: Watch experts discuss the main problems of emf saturation — video
  • Ipads are all over our schools on Whidbey (and in many adults’ hands): See how emf polluting they are: video
  • Industry deceit about cellphone dangers: expose by articulate CBC reporter: video
  • The cellphone and wireless industry are in a headlong rush to “beat the Chinese” to push on us the mega-dangerous radar-based 5G conversion beyond the current already-dangerous 4G; it is destined ultimately to saturate both urban and semi-urban places like Whidbey. Very important to understand what you don’t want: A summary and links
  • Need proof wireless energy is harmful? Explore these links: World scientists’ comments; Important scientific papers; The definitive National Toxioxicology Project of 2018 shows wireless microwaves cause cancer