You Can Easily Reduce Cell Phone/Wi-Fi Exposure (ideas from EHTrust list with notes [ ] added from CLEAR):

  • Do not sleep with your cell phone or have ANY wireless device linking to wifi or a cell tower in your room . [You can put your cell phone in “Airplane Mode“, with any charger away from your bed, and check that “Bluetooth” and “Wifi” are off also in your settings. Note: your alarm still works, and downloaded music or podcasts still play, in Airplane Mode.]
  • Make ALL voice calls with a cell phone away from your head–use speakerphone or an airtube headset. [Regular wired headsets have wires that receive wifi radiation from the phone (acting like an antenna) and carry the radiation right to your ear near your brain for long periods–tough on ear and brain cells.]
  • Switch out a corded landline at home for your voice calls rather than a cordless phone. Cordless phones should be avoided as “the base” emits continuous wireless radiation whether a call is happening or not.
  • Avoid carrying any phone or Wi-Fi device near your body– like in pants, pockets or bra. [Radiation from cell phones is intense close to body cells and stresses them toward future dysfunctions, studies and statistics show.]
  • Prefer texting over voice calls. However, even when you text, keep the phone far from your body.
  • Keep your cell phone/Wi-Fi device on airplane/flight mode whenever possible. You can still take pictures, videos and play downloaded music.[…and podcasts.]
  • Cell phones should be OFF in the car. Switch to airplane mode in cars, elevators, trains, buses, planes. Your device pumps out more radiation in metal surroundings.[…and the waves bounce around many times from the metal walls and through you.]
  • Less Apps = Less Radiation. Apps are always updating, that means more radiation for you. [Apps use more data meaning more waves transmitting out of your phone into your body.]
  • Minimize your overall cell phone and Wi-Fi device use. The effect on our bodies from this radiation is cumulative. [Body effects often show up 10 or 20 years later and can be quite serious.]
  • Choose wired internet at home by setting up ethernet connections for your home laptop/computer/tablet. [See descriptions sketching how to do this by going back to the “My Safety” page and its contents.Contact CLEAR email if you want to arrange a personal tech consult on how to do this and measure your exposures.]

Note: 100% safety means using wired rather than wireless technology as no level of this radiation has been shown to be safe. EHT recommends that cell phone and Wi-Fi exposure be reduced as much as possible for children [who have thinner skull bones, more water in tissues = more emf conduction, and less conditioning of tissues overall.] Young children should not use cell phones except for emergencies!