Smart Meter and Opt-Out Information

(Latest edit 2/12/23). Find below some sections that hopefully will answer most of your questions about the PSE smart meter rollout that began September 2022 and is still going into mid-2023. If you are concerned about the growing but invisible electrosmog cloud around you (and you would do well to be) you’d best go for the “meter upgrade” opt-out by directly calling PSE (888-352-2503 PSE Meter Upgrade or 877-773-1770 Aclara Meter Upgrade Center in charge of the project) and insisting on being on the Opt-Out list. Insist and verify! They will want to mail you a 6-page document to fill out and to snailmail back, BUT just click here and get the document: PSE Opt-out Document , then fill out only page 6 as described below, sign it, and fax it to 425-424-6728. (Or call 888-352-2503 and ask how to email it right to them.) Wait a week after submitting then verify at 888-352-2503 that they got it. (They tend to lose these forms—I wonder why!)

Many of you may have missed heading off this upgrade by now and find yourself with a smart meter magically placed by PSE on your house. Now you have two choices:

1. Simply try to a) mitigate (by the method given below) the powerful microwave radiation spikes emitted at least every 5 minutes by the new meter and b) filter the radiating static (method below) called “dirty electricity” that the meter injects into your house power grid 24-7. 

2. Call the phone number above and arrange to have your recently installed active smart meter replaced with a “non-communicating meter” (NCM), called the “opt-out” choice, and agree to pay a $90 replacement charge. Read more below to get informed whether choice 1 or 2 is best for you.

Initially, some of you may not even know a) what a smart meter is, b) what it does, or c) how it can harmfully affect you. Good to do some preliminary reading: 1) Get back to the home page and scroll down a bit to “The Not Smart Part…” article. 2) Also look at the informative material positioned below the Further Opt-out INFO that’s next.


Further Opt-out INFO…

Home or apartment renter paying your own utilities: Your PSE power account is in your name and you are legally entitled to change to Opt-out, and pay the $15 opt-out fee bimonthly. If you are in a complex of four or less apartments, your landlord need not consent. Advising him/her of your decision at some point is good because when you eventually move out he/she should inform your successor tenant to quickly decide to ask PSE for opt-out status or a smart meter will be rapidly installed. (Your successor, missing the chance, would then have to pay an extra $90 to have the account changed back to opt-out if desired.)

Apartment renter in a complex of more than 4 apartments: PSE has specifically ruled that NO opt-out is allowed in such complexes. This presence of many near-placed meters, one for each apartment, constantly excessively irradiates all the tenants 24-7. It may especially radiate a tenant who has all four of the complex’s smart meters banked on one wall of his/her apartment! Any tenant near that bank of meters is especially endangered by high radiation and if it’s YOUR wall (bedroom walls are the worst!) you must get relief or you may have to move to stay safe as many have! Such tenants have contacted CLEAR saying “help!”) If you are provably electrosensitive there might be some American Disabilities Act actions possible to insist upon, the least of which is to allow you to switch apartments. Contact CLEAR to check on strategies. Mitigation techniques outlined below could help you somewhat. (Please see at least the first 5 minutes of Jeromy Johnson in this Youtube TED Talk, “Wireless Wakeup Call,” to learn about extreme effects of some apartment smart meters!)

Stuck with a Smart Meter? Or now you have a “Non-Communicating “Opt-Out Meter? Here are ways to accomplish mitigation of the damaging effects of the first and even some from the second…
  1. It is possible to mitigate the RF wife-frequency bursts that come many times per hour from a smart meter. It can be done by use of a Smart Meter Guard. Read about it and purchase it from this link to Amazon:Smart meter guard link
  2. I said before that the dirty electricity aspect is an unhealthy price of the smart meter AND even its opt-out meter. You can read this article if you want to know more about it and there are references there to take you as deep into this problem as you want to go. Suffice it to say that the unfiltered SMPS (Switch  Mode Power Supply) of every PSE digital meter (smart or opt-out) is ungrounded (a major faulty, polluting shortcut of all smart meters) and injects “static” as it measures the power and superimposes that on the clean 60-cycle AC house power. This then radiates RF waves throughout the house from the wiring that strings along in the walls’ insides. This is then soaked up during use by your electronic and electrical equipment, causing all computers, printers, motors, etc. to wear out faster. Soaked up by your body 24-7 it can cause degradation of cell operations; the electrosensitive can feel effects in real time.

 It is possible to mitigate ‘dirty electricity’ in the home with Greenwave filters. To learn about them go to this and on the Greenwave site elsewhere you can read more about the dirty electricity you will certainly have. Each filter costs about $35 (but you get 5% off by using that and CLEAR gets a little cut too). You can require anywhere from 4 to 10 of them (1 or 2 per room) depending on desires, quantity of dirty electricity, and house size. They plug into your electrical outlets and create a strong reduction in the dirty electricity in your lines. It is possible to arrange to borrow a dirty electricity meter from CLEAR for a day and measure your house for it so as to accurately determine how many filters you need, Many CLEAR members so obtained filters.

More FYI…


The meter, known world-wide as a ‘smart meter,’ is a big EMF changer, despite PSE’s soothing assurances. They claim it reports usage just ‘5 times’ daily, conveniently omitting that it compulsively chats, coordinates, and data-shares among neighboring meters with thousands of pulses and signal spikes 24-7, creating what’s known as an electronic “mesh.” The measure’s measuring function injects jagged, multi-frequency transmitting ‘static’ into all household wiring. Termeddirty electricity,” it radiates anyone sleeping within a few feet of house inner walls. (More on this below.)
There’s been a decade of concern and backlash in several cities and states questioning usefulness and safety. New Mexico and Tennesee have persisted in disallowing smart meters. Note that many states and cities’ power companies have opt-outs at varying prices per month ranging from $0 to $24. Some states (PA, ID) have no allowed opt-out. The WUTC state regulator has required PSE to provide an ‘affordable’ opt-out option that covers only actual expenses. Their forced tariff of $7.50/mo to not be electrosmogged 24-7 is moderately affordable.

Why bother? International high-level research regularly finds negative health effects from long-term electrosmog exposure. Worse, 5% (called EMS) experience uncomfortable, sometimes intolerable radiation symptoms in real time. Note that these often have acquired EMS from extended past exposures, not unlike lead, second hand smoke, mercury, pesticides, mold and certain chemicals.  Uninformed practitioners, even friends, often pooh-pooh their distress. Compare this to the lesser 1.4% of the US with reactions to peanuts: industry, government and institutions bend over backwards to protect them by preventive methods. Decide if you like risking your health so PSE can read and switch your power easier and likely (as often found) raise your later bills to subsidize the nswer questions on these and even have a few for sale or possibly your trial.)

Three examples of deceptive PSE “soft talk” (in quotes) you will get on your phone call to the their agents:

?This is an upgraded model compared to old style meters. No. These ‘smart meters’ are regularly understood by educated, independent electrical engineers as having poor surge protection and no direct grounding– certainly not having the “arc breaker” ultra-safe grounded system of mechanical analog meters (the ones with turning wheels visible inside.) Result: smart meters are over-vulnerable to power surges (that happen when lines suddenly break or electricity suddenly comes on.) Thus they are more prone to cause house fires and secondarily forest and grass fires. Numerous house fires have been traced to smart meters in the last 15 years–power companies are loathe to admit this. They can overheat, having ‘catastrophic failures’ requiring time-costing power-downs awaiting replacement, and their shorter life span of <10 years means the likelihood of such failures is much higher than mechanical meters. Additionally any independent engineer (not those of PSE or its contractor Aclara Meter Company) will verify that the meters have a fragile remote disconnection switch, fragile/flammable circuit boards, and unpredictable Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) surges that can harm, cause erratic behaviors of, and reduced life of, multiple electronic devices in the home. It is widely known that computer and other electronics operational life is extended by getting rid of causes of “dirty electricity” static in the house lines.